Kia ora koutou!

It takes 60 seconds to provide feedback on the Island Bay Cycleway. Could you please do it? Here’s the link.

Cycleway Design Options

As you know, I’m a cyclist, and so is everyone in my family, including my kids. So, I am here pleading for the protected kerb side Island Bay Cycleway. The outcome of the #LoveTheBay consultation on the cycleway will shape all future cycling infrastructure in Wellington (directly or indirectly).

Don’t ask the council to build cycling infrastructure to build it for me. I am (barely) brave enough to share the roads with cars. Instead, please ask the council to build cycling infrastructure that will work for people of all ages and all cycling abilities.

My 5 year old daughter, who just learned how to ride without the training wheels. My 8 year old son who loves to go on Mountain Bike trails with me. My mum who loves biking but is terrified of the traffic. They all love cycling. And they are all vulnerable riders when they are on the road. However, they are also hazards for pedestrians when they’re cycling on footpaths.

My vision for Wellington is for an inclusive city, with complete streets that offer multiple transport options including active transport (i.e. cycling and walking facilities) for all ages and all abilities.

Did you know that recent surveys indicated that 76% of New Zealanders would cycle if they had access to segregated cycling infrastructure? So, here’s your chance to start giving it to them.

My favourite design options for the cycleway are C, B and D (in that order). If you disagree with me, I would love to understand why and have a constructive conversation about it.

All design information about the cycleway is on the Wellington City Council website if you would like to know more about it.